Lumière du monde is an international association of independent producers involved in creative documentaries destined for both cinema and television.

In a large number of countries, from a variety of regions, (Africa, the Indian Ocean, Eurasia, Caribbean-Amazonia, the Pacific Ocean, the Andes and Asia), numerous images from all over the world cross TV screens everyday, yet very few cultural works are being directed or produced in these countries. The result is that cultures and identities of those areas are more commonly being depicted from an outsider’s perspective than their own. As such the challenge is to increase the production and creation of images by local authors and directors, reflecting their own view of their country’s reality, as well as that of the rest of the world.

Based on a Fair Co-production Charter that ensures laws regarding intellectual property and copyright are respected, as well as a fair distribution of the works’ industrial property and the status of executive producer, Lumière du monde promotes co-productions both between its members and with television partners. These co-productions must provide local filmmakers the economic means necessary to create quality arthouse documentaries, original forms of representation and, as a result, a view from inside their country.

Collections featuring the films produced between association members specific to each geographic area are then compiled and promoted through partnerships with several festivals.